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Safety, Environment & Quality Systems

The key to effective Safety Management

At Sentinel Safety Services, we believe a strong work health and safety management system is the cornerstone of effective safety management.

Getting your work health and safety management systems right is integral to providing a safe workplace, as it helps to establish safe work systems.

At Sentinel Safety Services, we help you to do just that.

We’ll thoroughly assess your business activities and develop a workplace health and safety management system that works in practice — not just to pop in a binder and put on a shelf.

Bespoke solutions for your unique needs

We understand that every business is different, and generic solutions are not necessarily efficient or effective for everyone. That’s why our approach at Sentinel Safety Services is to create systems that are customised and tailored specifically to your business.

Whether you need a standard system that can be customised to you, or a fully-tailored solution built from the ground-up to match your company’s specific risk profile, we have you covered.

Sentinel Safety Services

Integrated Management Systems

We specialise in developing Integrated Management Systems that seamlessly blend safety, environmental management, and quality assurance elements.

This holistic approach ensures that your business operates efficiently while complying with all relevant regulations and standards.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.

Compliance with International Standards

Our systems are designed to meet and exceed international standards, ensuring your business is aligned with global best practices.

We specialise in systems compliant with the following:

Small Business Solutions

We recognise the unique challenges that small businesses face and provide specialised safety management solutions tailored for smaller-scale operations.

We aim to equip you with the tools and systems you need to operate safely and efficiently without the complexity and cost that larger systems entail.

Digital transformation of your SEQ Systems

Say goodbye to excessive paperwork. Our team can digitise your SEQ systems through integration with cutting-edge safety management software.

This streamlines your processes, enhances accessibility, and allows for real-time monitoring of your SEQ metrics.

Achieve your Safety, Environmental, and Quality systems goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how Sentinel Safety Services can help your business achieve its SEQ goals.

Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of Safety, Environmental, and Quality systems.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.