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Risk & Assurance

Trusted experts in Risk Management and Assurance

At Sentinel Safety Services, we are proud to be your trusted experts in Risk Management and Assurance.

Our specialised knowledge and extensive experience make us the go-to consultancy for businesses seeking comprehensive and effective strategies in these critical areas.

Sentinel Safety Services

Risk Management Specialists

Risk management is an essential component of the modern work environment for all businesses and implementing dynamic risk management processes is critical for effective health and safety management.

At Sentinel Safety Services, we specialise in the area of risk management for business.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.

Our Expertise in Risk Management

We are qualified risk management practitioners who specialise in:

Developing Risk Frameworks

Setting corporate risk appetites and constructing risk matrices, policies, and procedures.

Risk Assessment Workshops

Facilitating workshops with all levels of management and frontline workers.

Critical Risk Management Programs

Identifying key risks, assessing suitable controls, and implementing critical risk programs, including essential control verification.

Safe Work Method Statements and JSAs

Working with frontline employees in writing statements and Job Safety Analyses to meet regulatory and project client requirements.

Critical Control Management

Our critical control management program offers numerous benefits, including:

We also develop Critical Control Verification programs to assess the effectiveness of these controls, ensuring they are not only in place but also functioning as intended.

Assurance beyond Health and Safety Auditing

At Sentinel Safety Services, we focus on Health and Safety Assurance, which goes beyond traditional auditing. Assurance offers a holistic approach to evaluating the overall effectiveness of your health and safety program.

Our Assurance Services

Critical aspects of our health and safety assurance services include:

Our Auditing Services

Our qualified auditors conduct various types of audits to ensure compliance and safety, including:

Trusted experts in Risk Management and Assurance

Your safety is our priority. Partner with our experts at Sentinel Safety Services today and let’s talk about how we can protect your business, people, and operations into the future with a safer, lower-risk day-to-day.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.