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Products & Supplies

Equip your business for all health and safety needs

At Sentinel Safety Services, we understand the importance of having the right tools and resources to maintain a safe and compliant work environment.

Our comprehensive range of products and supplies, in partnership with SHE Group and our in-house resources, ensures your business is well-equipped for all health and safety needs.

Safety Signs

Customisable and Compliant Signage Solutions

Updating your safety signage is crucial for compliance and effective internal communication.

We provide the following safety sign solutions:

First Aid and Medical Supplies

In partnership with SHE Group (Safety Health & Environment), we offer essential first aid and medical supplies accessible through their e-commerce platform:


SHE Group

Quality Supplies through SHE Group

Explore the Full Range of Medical and Safety Supplies.

Visit the SHE Group E-commerce Store to explore the full range of quality supplies available.

Stay Prepared and Protected

We encourage you to visit the SHE Group portal to view the full range of first aid and medical supplies, ensuring your workplace is always prepared for any medical emergency.

Sentinel WHS Management Systems

Ready-to-Implement and Customisable Systems

Sentinel Safety Services provides off-the-shelf WHS Management systems that are ready to be implemented in your workplace.

Why Choose Our Ready-To-Implement WHS Management Systems Solutions?

Here’s what makes our ready-to-go solutions an excellent choice for any business:

Fully Customisable

Tailored to fit your unique business requirements and risk profile.

Comprehensive Documentation

Includes policies, procedures, and manuals, ensuring a complete safety system.

Ease of Implementation

Designed for quick and efficient setup, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Your partner in workplace safety

Choose Sentinel Safety Services for all your health and safety products and supplies needs. Our partnerships and in-house resources bring you the best in safety signage, first aid supplies, and comprehensive WHS Management Systems.

For more information on our products and supplies or to discuss how we can enhance your workplace safety, contact us today at Sentinel Safety Services.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.