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Kickstart 2021 with a FREE Safety Management Health Check

I think we can all agree that the health and safety of workers is important.

At Sentinel Safety Services we strongly believe that the foundation of effective safety management is having a robust Safety Management System from which to build your safety processes, culture and drive improvement in safety performance.

Poor safety performance leads to workers being unnecessarily injured and that is just the beginning with other impacts including:

  • Lost productivity 
  • Decreased staff morale 
  • Increased workers compensation premiums 
  • Potentially large regulatory penalties with fines and even prosecution!

Do you know where your gaps are or where you need improvement? If not, we are here to help with our exclusive offer.

To get your Safety Performance on track for 2021, we are offering, for a limited time in the first quarter of 2021, an obligation-free Safety Management Health Check. When you complete our online check, we will evaluate the results and provide you with an action plan to get you started. 

If safety is important to you, your business and workers take advantage of this offer by visiting and see how you are performing.


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Your safety is our priority. Partner with our experts at Sentinel Safety Services today and let’s talk about how we can protect your business, people, and operations into the future with a safer, lower-risk day-to-day.

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