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Education & Training

Keep your workplace safer and healthier for everyone

Empowering your employees through education and training is crucial to effective Health and Safety Management.

At Sentinel Safety Services, we help you to empower your team with the knowledge that will help keep your workplace safer and healthier for everyone.

We partner with SHE Group (Safety Health and Environment), to provide a comprehensive range of training courses and educational programs for your teams.

Sentinel Safety Services

Empower your team with safety knowledge and skills

In partnership with SHE Group, we’re dedicated to helping you to ensure your workforce is well-equipped to maintain a safe and healthy work environment with the training we offer.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.

What Our Partnership with SHE Group Has to Offer


SHE Group

Accredited Training Courses

In collaboration with SHE Group, we offer a variety of accredited courses in areas critical to workplace safety:

Non-Accredited Work Health and Safety Education

SHE Group is also our esteemed partner for all non-accredited Work Health and Safety education and training. This collaboration allows us to offer:

Benefits Of Our Training Collaboration

Training Packages to Suit Your Needs

Customised Training Solutions

We understand that every organisation has unique training requirements. So offer customised options to suit your unique requirements.

Our customised training services include:

Why choose training with Sentinel Services + SHE Group?

Empowering your employees with the proper training and development opportunities is not just a regulatory requirement but a critical factor in preventing incidents.

Our training programs are designed to:

Enhance Safety Skills

Equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs safely.

Promote a Safety Culture

Foster a workplace where health and safety are paramount.

Reduce Workplace Incidents

Well-trained employees contribute to a safer work environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Achieve your safety training objectives

For more information about our Education & Training services and how we can help your business achieve its safety training objectives, contact us today at Sentinel Safety Services.

Let us tailor a solution for all your needs.